Express One Floor Plan | Unit Plan

Home buyers can easily visualize the relationship between space and rooms using a floor plan. They can easily determine how big or small rooms in the house are. They can get an accurate picture of the possibilities that can be advantageous when they buy the house. Express One Floor Plan can be arranged into two configurations and four different types of layout designs. The uniquely designed 3BHK Flat comes with a variety of floor plans. You can either have a 3BHK with two washrooms which will be about 1525 sq. ft, or a 3 BHK with three washrooms, which will be about 1775 sq ft., the sale price of 3BHK flats will be around Rs. 1.1 Cr to Rs. 1.40 Cr.

Meanwhile, the 4BHK platform can also be represented in different Express One layout plans. There will be four bedrooms and four bathrooms, as well as a small study (2310 sq. ft. 4 BHK with 4 toilets and a Study (large) will have the size of 2620 sq. Ft. It is estimated that the price range for 4 BHK flats is between Rs. 1.60 Cr and Rs. 1.98 Cr. Each of these flats will have a well-appointed balcony with a view, which is included in the unit's price. The above configuration should assist you in purchasing the Express One unit plan if you decide to do so.

3 bhk 1525 sqft
3 bhk 1775 sqft
4 bhk 2310 sqft
4 bhk 2620 sqft
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